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Our Tutoring Services

Maestri Tutoring offers affordable after-school educational programs for students of all ages. We are the only dual language  (Spanish/English) tutoring center in Chicago.


Our mission is to establish a strong work ethic at a young age and encourage students to work smarter not harder.

Our Programs

Our programs are pay as you go with no contracts so that your child gets the help they need when they need it.

Maestri's goal is to motivate and build confidence in our students so that they are able to seek help inside of the classroom and motivate them to share their knowledge with others in need. 

Young Students
In the Classroom



  • Math, Reading & Science 

  • 2nd to 8th tutoring

  • e-Learning assistance

  • Homework help

  • Computer and WIFI access

$10 per Session

Choose a Location

Tutoring a Student



  • Math

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Spelling

  • Social Studies

  • Science


  • Spanish/Dual-Language

  • ACT/SAT Prep

  • Test Taking Skills

$35 per Session

Choose a Location

Distance Learning



- Pre K-2nd:

  • Phonics

  • Reading

  • Math

  • Logic

- 3rd-12th:

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Writing

  • Spelling

  • Math & Test Taking Skill

All Ages



$25 per Session


How Maestri is different from other centers

- Free Assessments

- Direct Contact With Teachers

- Pay As You Go

- Bilingual Tutors

- Multiple Subjects Per Session

- Computer Access & Safe Space

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A Message From Our Founder

I started Maestri because I wanted to make tutoring accessible for all working-class families. At Maestri we have created a beautiful and safe learning environment where children can grow and develop together!

Our goal is for students to not only meet their academic standards but to get them ahead of their class. I hope to help build the mentors and leaders of tomorrow at Maestri.

Anabelle Martinez

Go-to quotes:

"Teach what you learn, and learn from your teachings"

"Never let schooling interfere with your education"

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Purpose: Support the advancement of Maestri’s programs and keep low rates for families and continue to have great tutors.